A New Body and A New Mind

“Behold I tell you a mystery, ‘We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. For this perishable body must put on the imperishable, and this mortal body put on immortality.” — I Corinthians 15:50-53

One of my biggest fears with HD is that I will not be able to use my mind as much as I would like to.  I love to read and write (well except all that handwritten paperwork for my job that looks more like chicken scratch than handwriting!). I have kept journals over the years sharing any experience that might have affected me that day. And I love to read and read and read, so much that I bought a kindle to download books in less than 60 seconds and be able to carry them with me where ever I want. As much as I like the kindle for being handy, it’s not like having one of those books in my hand. I have to confess that I am still ordering the printed versions. I love seeing those brown packages when I get home and being able to open it up and peruse through the entire book! That is definitely one of my weaknesses!

It gives me a lot of peace to know that when I do go to my rest in Lord, that the next thing I will see is the face of my Redeemer as Job said, in a glorified resurrected body with no more sin and no more problems. I don’t think I appreciated that fact when I was younger because we don’t think we will ever age or get sick. It’s only when we get older and got some end-stage illness like HD that we appreciate the fact we will not always be this way. My eyes will be able to see from one corner of the earth to another, I will be able to run and not run out of breath, I will be able climb any mountain without getting tired. My body won’t hurt or ache!! My mind will be so clear that I will be able to read whatever I want without forgetting anything. My mind will be able to create for the glory of God!

Being involved with church was giving me that wonderful mental boast that I needed so much because I am teaching a Sabbath School class and I have been able to preach one sermon since I have offered to help. The sermon I was able to share was called, “Living with Adversity: the 12 Step Process.” which I will share in the blogs to come. I was so blessed and I had so many people say, “please share that message in my church. I was so blessed that others need to hear it as well.” And I am definitely planning on it for the future.

I have decided for now to take a Sabbatical from teaching or preaching at this time so I can continue to write in my bio and put together a devotional dedicated to those going through difficult times. I want to write in this blog and that be turned in a 30 day or 365 day devotional that people could turn to for strength, specifically for those going through HD, as well as those going through any kind of end stage illness or trials and tribulations. The bio is a big project but I want to share those experiences with the world, especially those which made me the person I am today. To God be the glory!!

For now, my greatest fear is losing the capabilities of my mind and that will be the biggest prayer I have.


Father, You know how fearful I am of not being able to use my mind. I ask that You keep it sharp for as long as I can read and write for You glory. After that let me have peace that I can be laid to rest knowing that one day, I will be raised up again but with a glorious sinless body and that glorious sinless mind. In Your Name, Amen.

5 thoughts on “A New Body and A New Mind”

  1. Dearest Pastor,
    your journey will not come to and end until you do your devotional, God will give you the time you will need. i cant promise that, but i beleive that God is good and he will use you to reach others that might be going through the same if not alike your illness. Am glad that you want to do this, God has brought you to this point in time to do his will. Am happy that you will do this to reach others. I admire you and i will pray that God gives you the strength you will need and give you the peace you desire.you know I have been wanting to write you for a while now, but i could not put it into words. but having HD is not the end. We could all die tomorrow and it is time for us to be ready, so even tho God has told you that your illness could kill you in so many years, it doesnt mean it could not be sooner or maybe even later. Not to sound negitive, because we have that hope. and i am sure God will give you the time and the mind to finish what you need to do. We can all die today and not have time to do what we should be doing and that is to tell the world about Jesus. I beleive that you will do what must be done. and I also know that God has given you that illness to reach others. Because He loves you very much. I will pray for you and your family, but how different we would act if God gave us all the insight of you only have this much time left. Would we do things different? We take so much for granted. God Bless you Pastor and Thank You for being there for me and my family in our dark hours with my daughter. Love you much.

    1. Viola:

      I really appreciate the kind words! You and your family were a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the stresses of ministry. I loved spending time with all of you and even though I couldn’t carry a tune, you guys let me sing along anyway and making me sound good. 🙂

      It’s true that none of have our lives secure. Any one of us could die on the way home in a car accident and if that happens then “God’s will be done.”

      There is nothing that I want than to be used by the Lord in this illness and not run or hide from it. This is my chance to give the glory to God for what is happening to me and give thanks for what I have and what I don’t have!

      I just want to be able to finish these projects here on this Earth so I can meet more people in the New Earth whom may have been brought to the Gospel as it is in Christ through my faith. I love the Lord more than I love life itself and I am ready to “bring it on.”

      I love it when people leave me comments on my blog because it reinforces the need to finish it now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      God bless


      1. I worry about that young man johathan, he comes up with so many questions. He just can’t seem to see God in his life.
        Don’t you just want to shake him? i worry about my own children too, that even tho we try to teach them the way of God they also fight it. They love the things of this world more. Please pray for my kids.

        i will read more and again i thank you for in fact you were human just like the rest of us. we love and miss you and your family.

        I don’t know if you know but I have been living in Austin with kim and bobbie for a year and a half now. I didnt want anything to do with the church there in mcallen.
        The disapoint there was killing every thing I beleived in. I don’t go to church anymore only when i go home to visit.
        I think am closer to God this way, the bitterness has finaly gone away.I know that one day things will be back to doing things for the chruch but right now I can’t seem to.

        So pray for me too. Thanks Vance I will talk to you again soon.

      2. Viola.

        You and your family were so in love with church but I know the feeling. It took me a long time to find a church and when I finally do and get involved the leadership just wants to kill any idea that is thrown their way..I have been begging them to have a class a seminar on the creation vs evolution issue for almost a year and nothing..”We’ll pray about it.” So that is why I have brought that up on fb so those young people can start thinking for themselves and weigh all the evidence. I try to tell my kids if you are going to even for a minute consider evolution as a worldview then promise me that you will also study all the facts about creationism as well. The Institute for Creation, Answers in Genesis, and Creation Ministries are all literal six-day creation scientists who have studied all the facts from the worldview of a world-wide flood.

        The first thing I have done is pound and pound and pound on the fact that Evolution is not only not provable as a science which it’s not. Every argument Darwin made about is being refuted over and over again and discovered not to be true. But not only that, it is actually a religion and can be tracked back to pantheism and atheism. One argument that nobody can dispute is that Nazism and Marxism are both based on it.

        Anyway, here is what I would start with at least so that you can read it and be prepared. Answers in Genesis has two books called Answers in Genesis vol 1, 2 and 3. I have Vol 1 and 2. They are solid in the six day creation model and give you a lot of ammunition for your theory. And by the way, this is how I fell in love with the Lord again; through Creationism! I know that sounds nerdy but it’s true. Answers also have the same four books but in children’s versions, which is good to read to the grandkids when your babysitting them and will reinforce their beliefs in creation.

        Did you know that more 50% of the US population believes in a literal six day creation? That is good news. I also encourage everyone that we look at this from the gospel as well and the great controversy between God and Satan. Satan can’t touch God so he tries to harm Him through that which God loves so much: His creation. And if Satan can get man to believe that we all came from matter and then arrived to this point of earth’s history through natural means of random mutations and not that we created in the image of God, then he has accomplished his goal of separating us from Him. And what is the seal of the creation? The Sabbath! And if he can attack creation, then the next step is to say it doesn’t matter what day we worship because as long as we worship a day, then we are ok, then he has taken even further away from the Creator!

        I don’t know if you remember Roger Mornieu the Canadian Minister who was dabbling in the occult before he became an Adventist and I have to get his life story book, not the one on prayers. He shares an experience where he is allowed to go into a house where they were practicing Satanism and I won’t go into all the details but the one story that I remember is that Satan was so opposed to God being the creator, that he was the one who “inspired Darwin” to come up with the idea of naturalism. (I highly recommend a book called “The Long War Against God: The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Conflict.” by Dr. Henry Morris which details that conflict from the begging of time till now. It’s in paperback and not that expensive at all. Order it from Amazon and it’s cheaper.)

        Jonathan by the way used to go to the Pharr church and he was relative to Ned Lynn and the former president of the Texas Conference, Frank Gifford. So he has some royal blood in him.

        We will keep everyone in prayer. I have decided that I will worship wherever I can worship, even if it’s under a tree or watching a program on-line. I sing my Youtube songs like the olden days at mcallen and I am one happy camper!!

        I love you guys, you’re the best…


  2. wow that is so weird that he knows the adventist message yet can not see the light. yes we will pray for all our youth. and i can see why you are pushing the creation verses elvoution. wow that is a good message you are trying to push. i will pray for you to reach many people especially the younger ones.
    thank you pastor for not condeming me for not going to chruch. i still believe we are in the right place, but it’s so hard like you say to bring in new ideas and have the chruch not approve it.
    we lose so many people because they were not brought in frist really knowing christ, only the you better do this or that to be saved. i agree that we have to tell them every thing, but there has to be a better way to reach them with out scaring them away and thus losing a soul for christ and then justify it by saying
    “we presented the truth, but they chose the world more” i dont know i could be wrong .but i kinda feel that way.
    i close for today i will cont to pray for you and yours. always with much appreciation.
    your friend

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